Sewing Machine and Vacuum Repairs

We have a dedicated repair shop  with experienced repair technicians who are have skills to repair both repairing sewing machines and vacuums. Our store is equipped with special tools, gauges, calibration equipment and various testing methods to ensure your sewing machines and vacuums are repaired, checked and tested to run properly. Our tune up services will bring your machines back to or close to new and workable condition.

We specialize in simple household type sewing machine and vacuum appliances to more sophisticated and heavier duty industrial equipment which at times is worth the cost to repair than to replace.

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction is achieved and offer repair warranties on our work.  We stand by the quality of our repairs 100%.

We also accept trade-ins.

Call us: 1-782-882-0094 or contact us for a free quote estimate for tune ups or special repair services.

Affordable Tune up Rates

  • Sewing machines starting from $79.99 (plus taxes)
  • Serger machine tune up starting from $119.99 (plus taxes)
  • Vacuum full tune up starting from $79.99 (plus taxes)
  • Any other types of repair service or for a quote please send us an email go to our contact us page to submit your request.

Sewing Machine Repair Services

We service and repair most models of sewing machines including:

Sewing machine repair technician

in house sewing machine repairs

  • Modern home sewing machines
  • Commercial sewing machines
  • Classic antique sewing machines
  • Large industrial production type sewing machines

Authorized dealer for:

Spare Parts for Sewing Machines

We have a wide variety of sewing machine spare parts available such as:

sewing machine parts

sewing machine parts for all brands

  • Motors
  • PC boards
  • Gears
  • Drive belts
  • Drive shafts
  • Feed and needle bars
  • Housings
  • Foot pedals

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Vacuum Repairs

We service and repair most vacuum cleaner models such as:

vacuum repairs

vacuum repairs | tune up service

  • Shop vacs
  • Commercial vacuums
  • Shampooing vacuums
  • Household vacuums

Spare Parts for Vacuums

We have a wide variety of vacuum spare parts available such as:

vacuum bags

various vacuum brand parts and supplies

  • Vacuum hoses
  • Drive belts
  • Vacuum bags
  • Filters
  • Vacuum accessories
  • Cleaning supplies

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